The Poker Legends in Their Own Words.
                      Brunson, Hellmuth, Negreanu, Ivey...

Deal Me In proves that the next great poker champion could come from anywhere! Will it be from the urban neighborhoods of New Jersey (Ivey), Midwest home games (Hellmuth), sophisticated New York clubs (Lederer and Seidel), the UCLA PHD program (Ferguson), or the Internet (Durrr)?

Although this is not a strategy book, it teaches more about poker than can be imagined. Hear the great players tell how they survived huge financial swings, built their bankrolls, improved their game and fought their way to the top!

Deal Me In presents twenty amazing chapters where poker's most legendary players share the personal stories of how they broke into the professional ranks and became dominant world champions.

Each chapter is a different player's very own, first-person account of their trials and tribulations in poker games around the world and how they journeyed to WSOP and WPT titles. Deal Me In is packed with fantastic poker history, colorful stories, and also poker tips on how to move from the amateur ranks to professional success.

"A page-turner about the world's most powerful poker players and their hardscrabble journeys from the backgammon games of Manhattan, the taverns of Wisconsin, the back alleys of Saigon and the pubs of England. Unforgettable stories and valuable tips, Deal Me In is a book about dreaming big and the will to succeed."

Chapters Include:

Doyle Brunson
Phil Hellmuth
Daniel Negreanu
Phil Ivey
Chris Ferguson

Annie Duke
Johnny Chan
Jennifer Harman
Allen Cunningham
Chau Giang

Peter Eastgate
Tom Dwan
Howard Lederer
Carlos Mortensen
Chad Brown

Layne Flack
Annette Obrestad
David Ulliott
Erik Seidel
Scotty Nguyen